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Fuel costs rather than environmental considerations are the main driver for ship owners to invest in technology. A small percentage fuel saving in fuel equates to a huge cost saving.

Significant savings can be achieved by improving operational efficiencies. This is what SEEMP is all about.

However, even greater economies can be attained by prudent investment in retrofit technology. Often there’s a reluctance to commit despite very attractive ROI – often measured in months rather than years - as a confusing plethora of continuously developing and competing technologies are being offered by suppliers.

Eco-economy retrofit services can take many forms and all have a part to play. For example:

  • LNG conversion, dual fuel conversion, exhaust scrubbers, waste heat recovery
  • Propeller and rudder modifications, ducts and fins, antifouling, hull form modifications
  • Trim optimisation, Main Engine de-rating, LED lighting, CW pump control, performance monitoring
  • Total overview of the entire ship and shore based organisation in respect of saving energy.

There’s no one answer that suits all vessels. Much depends on the type of vessel, the geographical trading area, its operating profile and age. We take a holistic approach and can assist in finding the optimum solutions for your specific vessels.