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Ship owners are being hit with a number of environmental measures designed to reduce shipping’s carbon emissions, reduce airborne pollution and prevent the spread of aquatic nuisance species.

Key amongst these has to be SOx emission legislation and the clock is ticking on compliance. Shipping companies face the prospect of a significant increase in fuel costs or an unenviable task of converting their vessels to LNG or fitting exhaust scrubber systems, investments involving substantial conversions and capital investment.

The deadlines for conforming with the Ballast Water Management (BWM) Convention are imminent. Ballast Water Treatment plant selection, supply and installation is a complex matter.

Woodbank Marine has excellent relationships with technology providers, shipyards and engineering facilities with experience of conversion work and can offer eco-economy retrofit services, from determination of the optimal solution for a specific vessel to managing a turnkey project.

Just as steam replaced sail, in turn to be superseded by the diesel engine, so LNG is gathering pace as a fuel for the future. Whatever the fuel and trading pattern, we can assist with your strategic planning by ensuring that your vessels do not become obsolete in a changing market.